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I met with the gorilla in the land of the phrase frontier.

No exactly,the animal is might be not a gorilla.

Although very similar to the gorilla it is not a gorilla! ?

Because, ... the animal something strange to be in gorilla.

I do not say well, but it's a strange.

I want to take a look at this animal, curiosity is stimulated! !

Anyway, do let I observe such creatures of this gorilla ...

This app is Ultra-gorilla-based game! The name is [Gorilla with you]

Anyway, let's Breeding gorilla!

[Game Overview]

You breeding the gorilla.

When you start the game you will see an icon on the right side screen.

Icon are arranged in the order from the top.

Banana Icon: throw a banana when you tap the screen with the selected state.

Bananas is you $ 10 consumption at a time.

·Sleep icon: Gorilla is sleep. take the fatigue of gorilla.

· Money icon: Gorilla will do the mini-games to earn money.

Accumulating the power in the state where you tap the screen in the mini-game, and then jump when you release.

Let well collect coins.

It is even good to aim higher score because at the end of the game is the best score and this score is displayed.

You can shared,that Tweets and LINE...etc, good score.

Game icon:You can show recommended application.

· Twitter icon: You will tweet gorilla of state (age, height, weight) a with image.

You might can gorilla lover friends When muttered the state of gorilla.

· sharing icon: You can share the status of the gorilla in such LINE sns.


· When Tweet, use the icon image of this application.so need access authority to the image file.


withGorilla.apk 13 MB

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